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Increase Sales with Bulk SMS

Ask any Business Person or Marketing Guru and they’ll confirm that it is easier to sell more product to existing Customers than to try and convert Prospects. Send a Bulk SMS to all your clients offering a new service or new product or discount. Existing Customers know your service and trust you and the products you supply. It is also important to maintain contact with your Customers and build the relationship.

Save Time with Bulk SMS

Smart SMS is easy to use, user friendly and support is a telephone call away. Type your Bulk SMS, select the customer/s to whom the Bulk SMS must go and press "Send". Within minutes your SMS message is delivered. You can’t compare this to traditional Mail. Functions available include: A complete Phonebook Group your customers according to Product, Service, Preferences or anything you need. A customer can belong to as many Groups as you need.

Send an SMS and Save Money

Send an SMS to your Customer to remind them about their appointment or that it’s time for their next Check-up. This will cost less than a post card and stamp or even a telephone call. Especially when many Customers take the opportunity to have a chat as well….time is money.

NEW - Send a SMS to a single number.

Now you can send an SMS to a single number without having to first capture your Customer's details. Login, at the top of the screen you'll find a field to enter a Cellphone number. Enter the number withour dashes or spaces, e.g. 0838038300. Capture the SMS as normal and press "Send".

Build and Maintain Customer Relations using Birthday SMS

There is a lot of competition out there, ready to woo your customers away. Keep in contact with your customers, let them know they’re special by offering a special deal for them only or, the big winner, have a Birthday SMS automatically sent to them on their Birthday from you. Smart SMS will also send you an SMS detailing the Customer’s name and that an SMS was sent.
Really Impress your Customers by addressing them by name. Smart SMS allows you to insert your Customer’s name on the SMS that they receive, easy peasy.

Improve Collections using SMS Messages

Calling a Customer to remind them that their account is overdue is not a nice job. They feel threatened and feel the need to justify why you’ve NOT been paid. Send well worded SMS Messages. No pressure on you or your Customer. Your Customer doesn’t feel threatened. We have examples of Customers who do this and have a 90% success rate.

Schedule SMS Messages

Sitting around waiting for a Customer to arrive for an appointment which they’ve forgotten can be very frustrating. Sending a reminder SMS to your Customer will ensure your time is spent productively as well as impressing your Customer with your excellent service. Better still, schedule an SMS when you make the appointment.

We are here for you

Smart SMS is designed to be user friendly and easy to use, but if you experience any problems whatsoever, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. If you have a particular problem or marketing campaign with which you need assistance, please call. We’ll build custom applications to help you succeed. In addition: We will help capturing your Database We can help with sending your SMS

How do I know if my SMS is delivered?

We provide full details of every SMS sent. Online, you can navigate to the ‘History’ Page and view the SMSes you’ve sent along with the status of each, or you can request a full list to be included in your monthly Invoice.


Your and your Customer’s data is secure. We will never sell or allow access to your data.

Motor Service Centres

Smart SMS provides a facility for you to notify Customers that you’ve completed the service of their car, what time they can collect their car and the cost of the service.
All service centres can benefit from this facility.

Medical Practitioners

We provide a function for you to remind Patients of their upcoming appointment, including date and time.
Are you a Financial Advisor, Lawyer or anyone who has many appointments per day? Then you can also use this facility.

Video Stores

Remind Customers to return the movie and let them know what the additional cost is.

Improve your CSI.

We provide a facility to send an SMS soon after purchase congratulating your customer on their purchase and then at regular intervals thereafter reminding them that you are there to assist them with maintenance of the vehicle or when they are ready to replace their vehicle.

Do you want to send SMSes from your current Systems?

We have standard APIs (Application Program Interfaces) that you can implement easily. Or, we can build any interface you desire.

How do I build a database?

Besides the regular collection of business cards or asking you customers for their details. We can help you setup a competition using an SMS Short Code and Keyword. E.g. SMS the name of our Wednesday Special to 35620 and stand a chance of winning your next meal FREE! You get a portion of the SMS income as well as a list of all entries.

Coverage - Vodacom, MTN and Cell C       

We send SMSes to ALL the major networks in South Africa, Vodacom, MTN and Cell C. Telkom is currently not operational. We are also investigating opening our channels to include Botswana and Zimbabwe. International networks are also being planned.